Prince William Wrestling Club – Skills thru Thanksgiving

Top Position
Far Ankle – Far Knee Breakdown
Fan Ankle – Tight Waist Breakdown
Spiral Ride
Arm Chop – Knee to the rear
Mat Return (when bottom wrestler stands up)
   Once Opponent is broken down flat
       Same side half nelson with opposite side wrist control
       Bow and Arrow (near side cradle)
       Cross Face Cradle

Bottom Position
Inside Stand Up (explosive body motion)
1. Step across body w/ left foot, right hand wrist control, left elbow in
   2. Rotate up on back right foot into crouch position
3. 2-on-1 with right hand & put opponents hand in back pocket
   4. Turn, cut through and face opponent & take a shot
Sit Out, Turn In
Sit Out, Turn In to Peterson Roll
Sit Out, Turn In to Hip Heist Escape
Hip Heist Switch to Go Behind

Standing Position
Double Leg Take Down
1.    Penetration step between opponent’s legs
2.    Head up, outside leg up & ear in opponent’s side
3.    Drive into your ear and to the mat

Set-ups for shots
   Snap down partners head
   Fake shot & reshot
   Opponent posts on shoulder, low height & shoot
   Opponent posts on shoulder, cut thru and shoot
   Grab opponent’s wrists, throw by & shoot
   Circle and create an angle on your opponent.  Try not to shoot straight in!
   Lower Height & Shoot

Snap Down to Front Head Lock to Go Behind
   *Left snap, to head lock to sprawl position (grab chin & lift elbow off mat)
High Crotch to Double Leg
Snatch Single
   *No penetration step to the mat, head is up and on the inside, head to the chest


This is a start of what the beginner class will learn from Mid-October to Thanksgiving.

Schedule may change depending on needs and Covid limitations

Always looking for qualified practice and meet coaching staff.

One can help YOUR wrestler only.

To help at PRACTICES, one must have USAW Background check  $30.00 and the Safe Sport Certificate- Free online at

To be at the Mat for any MEETS, one must have above, us the USAW Leader Card $50.00  These are all good from 9-1 to 8-31 each year.